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Kid Rock – All Summer Long

Guess what?

Summer is almost over! Man, I can’t wait.

But other than that, remember when I mentioned I had more than a few things lined up for the blog and all I had to do was find the recipes? Well I hope you weren’t too attached to those mysterious concoctions because I have no idea what I did with the blueprints. I’m going to have to make everything all over again.

Eh, I guess it’s not that bad.

So for today I have something that I could make in my sleep. Something so insanely easy that it’s almost hard to mess up (if my wife read my blog she’d take time here to point out how I did mess this up a good 3 or 4 times). Speaking of which, if it wasn’t for my southern raised wife I wouldn’t even know about this stuff. Or her famous meatloaf, or [gasp!] her baked macaroni and cheese! .. Oh my God, I would’ve been so deprived.

Comfort food will lead you straight to my heart. Quite literally too because that stuff can mess you up…

Chicken fried steak buried somewhere under a lake of gravy; shadowed beside a mountain of mac & cheese; which is almost always sharing a plate with dumplings (also floating in gravy); served with some sort of buttery biscuit and maybe, just maybe, a few green beans but only to bring color to the plate because seriously, who has time for green beans? I know I don’t. Wife tried to hide green beans in a bunch of crumbled bacon and I still didn’t fall for it!

Yeah, comfort food is where the party’s at. And a big plate full of biscuits drenched in sausage gravy will make you about as comfortable as you could get. Just remember, you’ll want to leave a few biscuits dry and set them to the side.

They’re great as pillows when you try to fall asleep on the table.


Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

1 pound ~ Pork Sausage, ground
1/4 cup ~ Flour
2 cups ~ Milk
at least 1 1/2 teaspoons ~ Fresh Ground Pepper
pinch ~ Salt (optional)

8 each ~ Buttermilk Biscuits


  • As far as biscuits go, if you make your own then go nuts. Personally, I have no problem turning to my old pal the Pillsbury Dough Boy. This is a quick and easy breakfast so why add time baking when you could be eating.
  • This is enough for 8 biscuits. And each biscuit is cut in half and then smothered so really it makes 16. If you need more than 16 of these things then high five because so do I!
  • Also, you’ll need to increase the flour and milk. You’ll get away replacing what’s above with 1 cup of flour and 3 1/2 cups of milk without having to add more sausage. You’ll get more gravy and you’ll be able to feed (eat) more. Don’t forget to add more pepper too.
  • Depending on the sausage you may need to add salt. My wife is a purist and always only adds pepper. In most cases that is all you really need, but sometimes the salt fiend in me prevails.

With it being so incredibly easy do you care to know how I messed this up? Once, my wife told me how to do it and when I was in the heat of the moment I managed to put in 2 cups of flour. Ha! That was funny. When I went to put in a 1/4 cup of milk I realized what I did.

We had sausage gravy for like 4 days.

  • First thing’s first, pop your biscuits in the oven.
  • Next, get a pan, heat it between medium and medium high heat, and brown the sausage.


  • Once browned, add the flour and stir to combine.

Notice how I didn’t say drain the drippings. All that fat is what’s going to help you magically make a nice thick sauce. The oil and grease that was rendered will combine with the flour to make the roux – the heart of every good gravy. It’s how we roll down here in the dirty-dirty. (Yeah, I said it.)

  • When the flour is combined, add the milk and stir for a few minutes. Let it sit there and once it starts to simmer start stirring again.


In no time flat you should have a nice, thick gravy with chunks of juicy sausage floating around.


  • This is where you add the pepper and adjust the seasoning. After you do that it’s over, you’ve won breakfast.

Split your biscuits down the middle and spoon a generous amount of gravy onto the open halves. Then try your best to show your manners and use your fork.




    1. I’m sorry, …what?! It’s never been made as an adult?? What’s the matter with you?! Even with those awesome memories, come on, get on it!

      They sound like great memories too. I have a few camping memories but they all involve me crying and complaining that I want to go home and not share a bathroom with strangers and giant spiders.

  1. Conni Freudenberg

    Yummy!! I love sausage biscuits and gravy, it is one of my go to meals! I have never had actual measurements of ingredients though, mine always turn out too thick, then it is the game of adding more milk, then oops too much, then more flour, it could go on and on! This is what’s for supper tonight!

  2. OMG! This chick LOVES herself some milk gravy with just about anything in it. I love your take on adding sausage to it, but have you ever tried adding dried beef to it for chipped beef gravy? What about tomatoes when they are in season? Don’t bother when they are not in season. The whole flavor is off. If you try the tomatoes, don’t put them in the gravy until the very end when you are about to serve it. They will cook to mush if you do. Cut them up in good size diced chunks and add them right at the end. Just make the standard milk gravy with bacon fat or the fat rendered from fat back.

    Anyway, chipped beef gravy, homemade biscuits, (yes I make my own!), cantaloupe, soft scrambled eggs, and tomatoes in my buttered biscuit.. OMG! I swear, you will want to smack your momma if you can eat all of this, LOL.. It is SO freaking good!

  3. KathyS

    Oh, yum! I love Bism!cuits and Gravy! My mate, however, does not. Fortunately, all of this freezes well! I put a scoop of gravy – enough for 1 biscuit – in a snack bag and freeze (it’ll keep for a month or two – but it doesn’t last that long anyway). And I use the frozen Grands – you bake up one at a time or two or all of them! YUM!

  4. Vicki

    My boyfriend is the weekend breakfast guru & this is the favorite for us all. He adds a little chicken bouillion & to the gravy & seasons up the meat with garlic, onion powder & sage as it browns….DEVINE!! And with 8 hard to please kids ya know you are on to something when they all come back for more! Gravy & bisquits in Southern resturaunts & even a 5star hotel….& they can’t even come close
    I love that as a man ~ you are posting recipes & blogging. More men need to Thanks
    Here’s a recipe group on Facebook y’all may enjoy!/groups/421262367928492/

    1. Making 8 kids happy at one time is a feat and a half! Totally agree, it’s hard to find somewhere that’ll do this proper without making it full of unnecessary ingredients.

      Haha, I do feel like I’m the only man out there blogging sometimes. And sorry but I’m not on Facebook 🙂 Thanks for checking out the recipe!

  5. Lorna Kay Roberts

    We have bisquits and gravy almost weekly. I have two grandsons that I tend and then there is grandpa, and between the three of them, they do a great job of eating almost all that I fix. They do love them.

  6. We also use this over scrambled eggs.It is Delicious. also make without sausage by getting scrambled eggs cooking til close to done(still very wet). Sprinkle flour over the eggs and stir in well. It will become very dry and thick. Then, wisk in the milk and stir well til it thickens. May need to add more milk in small amounts til the right thickness for you. Season to taste..i have also used garlic powder for my garlic lovers.

  7. Sunny

    I learned to make biscuits & gravy from my Mother, there was never a recipe so when anyone asked me how to make gravy I’d tell (or show) them how. This is so helpful! I fry sausage patties & remove them from the pan, then make gravy. My son’s cut it up & mix with gravy. (But we never did this.) Also, we always broke up the biscuits, not split them in two. But more & more, I see people do this. I make homemade biscuits, but like you, found that The Dough Boy has some pretty good one’s! I just found your site & it looks yummy! Thanks so much.

    1. Hey, it sounds like you guys were still enjoying this so it doesn’t matter how you made it! One day I’ll make them with homemade biscuits when I’m not lazy. Though, that day may never come. Thanks for coming and liking the site!

  8. Tracie

    We are making this for dinner tonight. I grew up eating this and now my teen girls have learned to make it and ask for it all the time. It’s a regular for breakfast and sometimes dinner. I have also made this with bacon. Oh…so…good.

  9. Janice Stotts

    I grew up eating biscuits and gravy. We usually used ground beef, as sausage was way to expensive. flavor is about the same as we used bacon or sausage drippings for the fat. This was especially handy when company showed up at lunch or dinnertime. It was customary to feed everybody. We made fresh homemade from scratch biscuits at least 2 times a day so add some vegetables,(from our garden)that was fresh or canned during season, and everyone was full and happy. Oh I almost forgot we also always had homemade jelly or jam for the biscuits.

    If you happen to have a receipt for homemade cobbler I would really like to have it. There isn’t anything better than poor peoples southern cooking.

  10. SammyJo

    Looks awesome! I grew up with a Southern Mom and green beans always had bacon or bacon fat cooked with them. No veggies were EVER half raw in our house. Actually, most everything Mom made had bacon fat…lol! I’m the only one in the family that knows all her secret recipes. If you’ve never had “French Dressing” (not for salads) a comfort food dinner, I’d gladly share her recipe.

    1. Sounds like you had quite the memorable childhood! Bacon fat can make the world go round and your mom knew that. And it’s awesome you have all the secret recipes! I’ve never had this “French Dressing” but I am intrigued. Thanks for commenting!

  11. MaMa Julie

    My grandchildren love biscuits and gravy! One weekend they ate B&G for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I could not get them to eat anything else! My granddaughter makes the biscuits and my grandson makes the Venison gravy. He can make biscuits too, but he is the best at seasoning the venison gravy! We always have to make enough so that there will be leftovers for them to take home. We make it just like you with 1 cup flour but we do not measure the milk, just add enough to cover the venison plus a little more. It is very good!!

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