Humpday Update 8.23 – That’s No Moon 2017

Huuuuuuuumpday update!

WOW, remember this?! A weekly update into the little details that are going on in life?? It’s been fooooooorever since I did one of these! Looks like May 27, 2015 was my last HDU. That’s a loooooooong time without meaningless nonsense!

I was always skeptical of these posts. Like, who is going to care about these little tidbits of minute life details? But you’d be surprised! I love reading about other people’s lives. Maybe that’s just me being the gossip queen I am, but if I’m following your blog, it’s because I’m interested in what you have to say; the way you think, the things you’re up to. So posts like this are appreciated, I think!

What am I going to be covering? I don’t know! Maybe various unboxings of stuff. Weekly adventures that don’t need a dedicated post. Stuff going on that’s irking or bothering. The possibilities are endless! So let’s get started:

The elephant in the room is the eclipse that happened Monday! First off, there was a ton of hype surrounding it. And rightfully so! But there were so many people warning of blindness and all that mess that it kinda got me spooked. I was even telling the wife that maybe we should keep the kids home from school. I know! I’m a sucker for mass panic, what can I say? But I was so confused about everything due to all the different reports and warnings. Like does the sun give off a unique type of ray that only happens during an eclipse that will cause blindness? Is it instant?! Like, if I hear a plane and I look up to see it and accidentally get a glimpse of the sun out of the corner of my eye, will I never be able to see again?!? OMG, it was so ridiculous these fears I had! And all from unanswered questions. Eclipses will do funny things to your head, like make you forget that the sun is bright AF and will cause you to go blind if you look into it on a regular ol’ day. But you don’t think about dumb little facts like that when there’s an eclipse coming!

There were some great pictures out there. The one above was grabbed from NASA’s Eclipse and Transit Images Gallery. You’ll find a bunch of amazing shots there. There’s also this shot from a friend of mine who is a photographer. Hot damn, that’s a picture. Looks like another he got a look into another world. Then there were these from Disney Parks Blog that I looked really cool. All around, I’m happy pros were out there to capture it all, despite me wishing I had the skills and time to get a good shot myself. 

It was spectacular, to say the least though. I don’t consider myself a space nut loaded with a bunch of facts and such, but I’m an enthusiast who deeply appreciates space and science and the like. The whole day had a sort of feel to it. Like you knew something was going on and the entire country was waiting in anticipation. It was a weird feeling, like you didn’t know how it was going to be but at the same time you knew exactly what was going to happen. The peak of it around here happened at 2:50ish. The same exact time that I was leaving to get the kid from school. Let me tell ya, it looked WEIRD outside. Very, very strange. I don’t know if it was my mind knowing that it was clear as day out and it was supposed to be bright but it wasn’t. But everything felt different outside. The way the shadows were being cast, the overall dimness of the light, the temperature change. It was all very eerie. Wife thinks I’m crazy, but dammit, it wasn’t normal! And I don’t know about you, but despite all the warnings and such, I was insanely tempted to look up and see with no protection. Like when people tell you DON’T LOOK DOWN! And you immediately look down. Yeah, that was me. I didn’t! But boy, did I want to.

These eclipse-shaped shadows thanks to the leaves of our tree is the only pic I managed to snap.

Still though, it was amazing to experience. I didn’t think I was going to be able to see it because we weren’t on top of things and didn’t get a pair of eclipse glasses in time before they sold out everywhere. But thanks to a lady who works at the school, she was going down the line of cars, sharing her pair of glasses so everyone can get a glimpse. I felt bad that I got to see it in all its glory but the wife and kid didn’t. But turns out our neighbor across the street had a pair and she was nice enough to let them have a peak. I’m so happy we got to see it with our own eyes. Even happier we can see with our own eyes still. 

How did you guys celebrate the eclipse? Get to see it? Let me know!

Moving on! We did fall cleaning in the house this past weekend. And by we, I mean the wife. I DID dust the shelves in the loft though! Mainly because they’re full of my nerd junk and the wife ain’t got time for dat. But while dusting, I remedied a problem I’ve had for a long long time – Too much junk, not enough space! Now, what you’re about to see may show you the level of Macgyver I’ve reached. Remember, I’m not proud of my jury-rigging, but my crafting skills are on point!

The way it all came together, it brought me back to that cardboard Star Destroyer I made not too long ago 3 freaking years ago! That was the height of my craftiness and seemed like only yesterday.

See, with so many of the kid’s toys and figures on the shelves, it was hard to see them all. So I cut out some cardboard shelves, and taped them together in a way to help display them! Lemme tell ya, the kids are THRILLED they get to see all their toys displayed correctly now. I always wanted to get fancy acrylic shelving that is meant to do the same job, but now, why spend the money on that when we have cardboard!?

If you’re curious about what else is on my the kid’s shelves, check out the gallery below. The bulk of it is the complete collection of Disney Infinity figures (R.I.P. Disney Infinity), and my amiibo collection. Dabbed in there are also various gaming collectibles, POP! Figures, and blu-ray steelbooks. Go ahead and check out the gallery, you know you want to 😉.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, to round up this HDU. It’s just the friendly reminder that Fall is Coming…

I posted a few pics on Instagram of our fall wreath and the Halloween pumpkin wallflower from Bed, Bath & Beyond Bath & Body Works. Also out of the closet is our custom Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween countdown plaque! Some may think it’s too early. Nonsense! Fall is here in this house, I don’t care what you say!


#Fall is coming…

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Actually, I do care. Tell me what you think! Too early for fall decorating? Where are you at with it?

Maybe it has to do with us living in Florida where it’s basically summer all year round? There’s no definitive cut-off of the seasons where you’d feel a cool breeze coming in and know fall is here so we’re just going by our trusty calendar. Not our fault!

So that’s the Humpday Update from me! I had fun putting this together and I missed it, can you believe that?! This probably won’t be a weekly thing, but I’ll try to put one out when I can. Adios till next time.


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