Humpday Gaming Update – 7/30/14

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Not Gonna Die

FINALLY putting my Gaming category to use! Ever since E3, I’ve had this insane urge to start writing about games again. Something about the hype and excitement of what’s coming down line reminded me of the good ol’ days. Times when I would sit and write about what was on my mind about gaming, what the game I just played was like, various unboxing videos, all that good stuff. It’s all on if you’re curious and want to also check out an awesome game site/community.

Anyway, the crazy rush of fall is creeping upon us faster than you think, and I’m going to find myself lost in a sea of gaming goodness like I always do. So I think I’m going to be throwing out a few articles and/or HDUD’s dedicated to gaming and what’s going on from my point of view. If you’re not down with that, I urge you to find the RSS feed on top of the page and subscribe to just The Chef’s or The Dad’s feeds. I have 3 feeds just for occasions like this! And I’d hate to lose foodie followers because of posts pertaining to my other interests (if you’re even reading this far, haha).

So let’s get this one started!

  • Destiny!


  • Yes, that’s it.

wizard came from the moon

  • I was overly excited when I was going through the list of games coming out this fall and realized I only really wanted 3. And 1 of those, Lego Batman 3 – which is looking like it’s going to be just as rich as Lego Marvel, we don’t need right away and can wait till Christmas. The other 2 – Destiny and Disney Infinity 2.0 – are must-haves. I was excited because I thought there were more games being released I was interested in. Luckily, none are this year.

  • Disney Infinity 2.0 is shaping up to be pretty freaking awesome. If you were/are a fan of the first DI, then you already know about all the changes coming. Plus all the Marvel goodness being shown off makes it almost irresistible. Seb and I are both counting down the days for this to come out.

  • As far as Collector’s Editions go, I’ve had internal struggles so powerful, that if I was having them out loud you would cross the street to avoid me. The minute I was messaged about the Disney Infinity Collector’s Edition I knew I wanted it. Heck, I knew I wanted it before it was even announced. But that price tag… Ugh, dammit, Disney. If it was like $50 cheaper I would’ve been all over it. But at $179, it just can’t be done. Well, maybe, if I wasn’t wanting to get anything else. But even then it’s insane. I tried factoring in the starter pack along with the 3 additional figures (6 in total which include a timed exclusive Hulk – that was just dirty, Disney) and it came out to be a $60 difference between the CE and the regular starter pack with the 3 extra figures (everybody gettin’ this so far??). So basically, $60 for that crazy looking stand! It looks worth it especially with the way it lights up, but the way I see it, for $60, you could get the 2 play sets (Ultimate Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy! As seen in the videos above) that are going to launch with the game and have more to play time instead of a stand that’s going to sit there and collect dust.

  • See! I’m thinking like an adult! …when it comes to buying video games.. that… come with.. collectible.. toy.. figures.
  • The Destiny Collector’s Edition on the other hand, I can totally get down with. My weakness for steelbooks has me willing to pay the $40 difference. Along with exclusive DLC including a special casing for your Ghost, this CE has my name written all over it. Just too bad it’s not available anywhere :(. Also too bad my wife called me crazy for even thinking about it. What?! I just wanted the cheaper Limited Edition. Not the crazy $149 one with the Ghost replica… Which I would totally get if I had the money. But that’s not the point! Come on, a Ghost replica sitting around your house that talks to you in Peter Dinklage’s voice? It should be worth double what they’re asking!

  • As far as right now goes, I’m still trudging (trudging? trudge? to trudge…) through Watch Dogs. As excited as I was for this game, it’s just plain ol’ sad what became of it. I forgot where I heard it, but someone said exactly what I felt: Watch Dogs is following the exact same route Assassin’s Creed first took. An incredibly hyped game with everything going for it at the beginning of a new console generation, but falling amazingly short of every expectation that anyone had for it. Well, I can’t say that is completely true, I know there are some out there who appreciate it and like what they did. But then again, the same could be said for the first Assassin’s Creed. You either loved it because you “got” it, or you just hated it. And I just hated it. With all that said, I have every belief that Ubisoft will continue following the same roads and be able to make Watch Dogs 2 everything this one was supposed to be and then some. Till then, I’ll just hope the wife doesn’t get mad at me for dogging a gift she bought me. (It’s not my fault!)
  • When I’m not trying to push through Watch Dogs, I’m showing my 3DS some love. It’s been 7 months and I’m still dragging on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I have one last dungeon to beat and then whatever endgame there is. It’s probably my favorite Zelda since Twilight Princess so I’m trying to prolong it as much as I could. But I know it has to come to an end sometime so it’ll happen soon enough.
  • This happened yesterday in my quest to find all the heart containers. If you played it, then you probably feel my pain. This was roughly my 342nd time trying to get more than 100 coins for the container. I say roughly because I stopped counting halfway through.


  • I’m going between Zelda and Mario Golf World Tour whenever I turn on the 3DS. I’m having a lot of fun with Mario Golf! It’s great, quick, semi-mindless fun trying to get good scores and unlocking stuff. The good folks over at The B-Team Podcast and EZ-Mode Unlocked recently had a tournament that was pretty fun participating in. Knowing your score is going to be competing with your friends adds a whole new dimension to the game. I’m looking forward to more of those tourneys. If you’re reading this and you want to get down with us just follow this link and sign up for the forums!
  • Another game I’m playing during the day with Seb is The Lego Movie Videogame. We beat it a few weeks back but I’m going for the Platinum with him. It’ll be our second Platinum for a Lego game with Lego Marvel being the first. He plays the crap out of it anyway so why not? If you’re not aware, this is a Lego house, so it’s all good fun no matter how many times you play it. Can’t wait to get it done though because I want to start working on Super Mario 3D World with him to work down the Pile.
  • My personal goal of not having a Pile of Shame is looking like it’s falling victim to my lazy ways. I really wanted to keep up with stuff and not have a bunch of unplayed games sitting on the shelf staring at me with judgmental looks. I’m doing a lot better than last gen, but I have to stay on top of it if I’m to keep it under control. The one game I can’t wait to sink my teeth into again is Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. I left if about a quarter of the way through in an attempt to save it for a rainy day since I was enjoying it so much. I think about it from time to time and can’t wait to jump back on it. Maybe once Watch Dogs is done I’ll get on my ship again.

  • Speaking of a Pile of Shame, Trees over at EZ-Mode Unlocked is finally organizing the 5th annual extravaganza! More on that in the next update.
  • Nintendo and their Club Nintendo service got me all worked up again this year. I’m glad I wasn’t alone in my disappointment too because I almost felt bad. …For about a minute. My gripe is the rewards they offered a few years ago in the beginning of the service were galaxies apart from what they’ve offered recently. Yes, getting a free game is great and all, but when you’re getting points throughout a year from buying games, there is a huge chance you already own the ones they’re offering. Aside from that, it’s just an easy way out and honestly it’s lazy on Nintendo’s part. It’s sad to say because I’ve been happily back on the Nintendo bandwagon for half a year now, but if your service is offering “exclusive rewards” for buying brand new Nintendo products, the fans expect things they can’t get on their own somewhere else.
  • Lastly, I created a new PSN name! Yeah, I know. I couldn’t help it, I feel like the name is so much better than what I have now. It’s me, what I’m known as on social media and whatnot. And that’s what I’m trying to do, stick with one name for everywhere I can. The only problem with the new name? …PlayStation Plus. Ugh. So many games tied to that old account. On top of that, I’m tied in till next year I think, so I wouldn’t be able to play online with any other name. I have a one year PS+ code that I haven’t redeemed yet, so I could just start fresh and go from there. But… Dammit… If it’s not my games and wasting a good chunk of a year on my old name… It’s my bloody trophies. If you know me, you know I am a recovering trophy addict. I was obsessed with playing games for trophies. Now if I’m playing a game I enjoy I’ll gladly play for the trophies, but they have to be reasonable and can’t take me forever. I have standards and time constraints nowadays compared to then, so it’s how things are. But crap man. Freaking 8 Platinum trophies (about to be 9 in a few days with The Lego Movie Videogame). All down the drain with a retired name if I were to go through with it.
Damn… Those trophies look mighty empty..

Such a tragedy could’ve been avoided, Sony. If only you could let us change our freaking ID’s!

Alright, that’s it for this week. I really liked this! I hope my gaming buds gave it a read because I doubt anyone else would. Considering how much I’m itching to play these days, I’m sure I’ll do this again.

So until then, adios.

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