Humpday Update – 4/30/14


  • Woo hoo! Another week with no food posts! Hey, look at it this way: if it wasn’t for the Humpday Update, you’d have absolutely no idea why there aren’t any food posts. I swear, it’s not my fault. I’ve had no time whatsoever to sit down. Heck, I haven’t opened my laptop since I posted last week’s update. The biggest reason?
  • We took a weekend trip to Florida. Semi-planned, we headed out Friday around 4:30pm and got back Sunday around 5:30pm. So really, it was just a day trip to Florida, which in hindsight, sounds absolutely insane. Especially considering..
  • Saturday was my birthday! I said there was a holiday last weekend, didn’t I? I turned 30. The big 3-0. And for the second time! Despite spending it driving most of the day, I got to spend it with my family so I have nothing to complain about. On top of that, I got to have dinner with my whole family – my parents, my sister, her boyfriend and his kids – at Kobe’s. We took up a whole table and it was good like always. Seb had a blast as you can see. Yes, they sang happy birthday. Yes, I wore a paper chef hat. Yes, a picture was taken. No, it will not be shown.


  • After dinner we had birthday cake (from Publix!) And then we drove back to the hotel so we could sleep and drive back home. We pulled into the driveway, said hi to our neighbors, and they asked how it went. I said “I don’t want to see the inside of a car for a month.” Oh, little did I know…
  • Speaking of the inside of a car, I went on a new music shopping spree before the trip. I picked up like 15 tracks that are fairly popular now. One of which is Sing by Ed Sheeran – the song you can hear if you press play up top – and I am absolutely addicted to it. Give it a listen and be ready to buy it because it’s awesome!
  • Seb got me a Darth Vader beach towel for my birthday. I’m so proud how much my kid knows me.


  • My parents spent the better part of 3 days trying to figure out what to get me for my birthday. They always like getting my sister and I gifts and we don’t complain. Well, I guess they weren’t trying to figure out what to get me, they were trying to figure out if they should get me what I wanted. After much contemplation, they succumbed, and I came home with this:


  • MY FIRST DSLR! A Canon T3i. I’ve been wanting this camera for a while now. A long while. It’s been on my Christmas and birthday list’s for a few years running and I think that’s why they got it – so I could stop asking for it. Haha. Whether it was love or annoyance that made them get it, I’m both happy and incredibly grateful. So thank you, mom and pop!
  • And you knew it was coming, so here’s the unboxing video:

  • I got to play with the camera a little bit so far and here are the results. Not too bad, I think. Considering I barely know whatt I’m doing. But I’ll learn!



  • While at my parents house, I noticed peeping out of their china cabinet like a stray dog at an Italian restaurant window was poor Mr. Stay Puft. During my childhood I always had big birthday parties and my grandmother always made ceramic figures out of whatever was the theme. It was hard for me to resist smuggling him out of there.


  • After we got home, my wife decided to tell me what she’s been planning for our anniversary that’s coming up on the 2nd. She kept saying she has to give it to me by Wednesday even though our anniversary isn’t until Friday. My head immediately went to a depleting oxygen tank that runs out on Wednesday giving life to some sort of living thing. Alas, everything became clear soon enough. She gave me a box with a small Yankees baseball bat. Confused as all hell, she reminded me that 5 year anniversaries are celebrated with a gift of wood. Confusion slightly lessened, but still rather high, I said “ooooh” and looked at the folder on the bottom of the box. Opened it and found this…


  • FREAKING YANKEES TICKETS! “From wood comes…. paper” the little post it note read. She stretched that one rather cleverly, I think. It’s embarrassing how thoughtful she is compared to me. She planned a weekend getaway to New York to finally see the Yankees play in their new stadium. We haven’t been to a game since the final season of the old stadium so I’m fairly freaking excited. Even more so knowing Seb’s first major league game will not only be in Yankee Stadium, but he’ll be able to see Derek Jeter play during his last season. My wife.. She did it again.
  • After the initial excitement, I realized this weekend was our anniversary… when we’ll be going to the Yankee game… in New York… So that means mooooooore driiiiiviiiiiiing. Remember what I said? Yeah, so much for that. It’s ok though, this is totally worth another 8 hours going and coming in a car.

I think that’ll do it for this week’s update. I have clutter to pick up and stuff to pack. So until next week when I’ll probably, but not really likely, have a food post up, adios!

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  1. Albert Restaino

    Have a great time at the game this weekend. I took Alex last year and it was a blast!

    I’ll be off to Fenway for the first time to see the Yanks in Boston for my Birthday in September. Gotta love the awesome wives that support our sport addictions.

    Have a super birthday and welcome to your 30’s!

    1. Thanks! It’s after the game so I can say it was great! If it wasn’t for public transportation I would love to go again.

      That is crazy awesome to visit Fenway for a Yankee game. I wouldn’t mind experiencing that.

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