Cool Links & Podcasts


Here are a bunch of cool links for you to get lost in. Ranging from Food Blogs to Podcasts I enjoy, if you were to go through and give each link a chance, you’ll have hours of entertainment to look forward to.

The Food Blogs are ones I’ve either been following for a long time now, or ones that I am recently stalking like the blog creeper I am. They’re funny, oozing with talent and inspiration, and just downright awesome.

And, The Podcasts list is just that – a list of my favorite podcasts. Some are updated weekly, some aren’t even being produced anymore. I’m a huge listener of podcasts and try to enjoy every one that is released. These could range anywhere from gaming to food so there should be a good spectrum. I tried to link them to their sites where they advertise their shows. I don’t use iTunes and I’m sure others don’t as well so I didn’t want to link there. But wherever I’m linking to, they have the option to play episodes. So give them a try!


The Food Blogs

Walloping Teaspoon
Sugar Hero!

Will Cook For Smiles
Daily Appetite
Food, Fun, and Fitness in Chicago
Inn at the Crossroads
smitten kitchen

The Podcasts

Future Monkeys (Gaming, Life – My show!)
Gaming History 101 (Retro Gaming)
Trade Waiters (Comics)
TED Radio Hour Podcast (A Journey Through Fascinating Ideas)
Lore (Non-Fiction, Campfire tales of historic lores)
The Alton Browncast (Food, no longer produced)
Go Fork Yourself (Food, no longer produced)
The Nerdist (Film, TV, Pop Culture, Interviews)
Ranting After Dark (Gaming & Batgasms)
Podcast Beyond (PlayStation Gaming)
Nintendo Voice Chat (Nintendo Gaming)
Gamers in Beta (Gaming)


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