Humpday Update 11.8.17 – This Was Halloween

Humpdate time! How goes it? What’s good in the hood? Oh! Me? I’m fine, thank you so much for asking! Matter of fact, yes, there ARE a few things on my mind. Aww, of course, I’d love to tell you about them. You’re so sweet.  

  • Halloween was last week, and it was very Halloween. Much Candy. We did two pumpkins this year so we had pumpkin seeds for daaaaaaaaays. You DO roast the pumpkin seeds, right?! I almost tossed mine because time was not my friend this week. But I’m glad I didn’t.

  • The boys were dressed as a Ninja and Boba Fett. Now. I know what you’re thinking… What ninja was there in Star Wars? Like, a Jedi, is that what he means? Because surely, his two little adorable monsters wouldn’t dress differently on Halloween. That would be unfathomable!

Well, I hope you’re sitting down because as I sit here, still in shock from the disappointment, my kids did in fact dress differently. There was a very good chance they were going to be Guardians of the Galaxy. The 7 year old wanted to be Star Lord at one point, and the 4 year old would have made an adorable Groot. Or a Rocket, which would’ve fit his personality a lot better, if we’re being honest. But he didn’t want either of those awesome ideas that the wife and I kept trying to convince him daily to be. He always wanted to be Boba Fett. Then we figured fine, Boba and Star Lord, they’re both Disney and they’re both badasses in their own rights, it’ll be fine. NOPE. He suddenly changed his mind and wanted to be a Ninja! Smh.

I mean, it’s sad, you know? It means they’re growing up and… ugh.. thinking for themselves. YUCK. And it’s the first year they weren’t coordinated. They always had the same costume theme and it was always awesome to see them together. Boba and Yoda, Vader and Trooper, Harry and Malfoy. C’mon! Look at them, it’s the best when they dress up the same! That’s it! Next year, we’re pulling out the big guns and we’re dressing up with them. We can’t let them go down different paths again!

  • Ok, moving on. With Halloween behind us, we’ve already started Christmas shopping. We always say we’re not going to go crazy but sure enough, things are out of hand before the tree goes up. We’ve been excited for the holidays since we’re big Christmas people. Even kinda sorta forgetting Thanksgiving comes first. I had to be reminded by friends a few times that Thanksgiving has feelings too. And I care, dammit. I can’t wait for a plate full of different pies.

  • Omg, pie. Cannot wait. What’s your favorite pie? I’m an absolute sucker for pecan. I feel like it would be fairly easy for me to sit there and eat and entire pecan pie in one sitting.
  • This gif still creeps me the eff out.


  • Speaking of creepy… Stranger Things! Season 2 is out in the world and it’s… well, I don’t know how it is, we haven’t finished it yet. We’re halfway through and it’s not nearly as creepy as the first season was. But still, it’s great to see a second season keeping with the general mystery of the show. Can’t wait to finish it up.

  • And if you’re as big a fan as I was of season 1, check out my unboxing of this sweet Collector’s Edition Set! It’s exclusive to Target and oh so awesome. Look at it! The 80’s is just oozing off the VHS looking case. Extremely cool and worth picking up if you’re a fan of the show. And I think it’s going to be $10 on Black Friday! 

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  • Lastly. The 4 year old woke up with Croup the other night. That cough scared the crap out of us. So much so that my parents came over to watch the other kid who was sleeping and we were going to go to the hospital. Luckily, the wife was able to check various things and we found out that fresh air was the best thing for him since it wasn’t that severe. So we went out and drove around for a bit and he was fine. Oh yeah, this was at 2:30 in the morning. Fun times!

Alright, that’ll do it for this week. Not too shabby for a spur of the moment Humpdate! Till next time.


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