The Wilton Sweet-Up and YOU!


If you weren’t aware of Wilton and I being best buds, and me being on their Sweet Treat Team, then you’ve either been living under a rock or this is your first time here. Whatever the case, we’re both in for a treat!

A little over a week from now, on April 23rd and 24th (a few days before the most important day of the year!), Wilton will be hosting their annual Sweet-Up! They’ll be doing all sorts of different activities and announcements ranging from The Art of Cookie Decorating to unveiling the 2015 Cake of the Year!

Why am I so excited and dedicating a blog post to this awesome sounding event? BECAUSE I’M GOING!!

I wasn’t able to attend last year, but this year I’m looking forward to hanging out at Wilton HQ and partaking in all the fun!

If you’re interested in checking it out, they’ll have a live stream of the event so you can tune in and see what’s going on. They’re going to talk decorating trends that are hot this year, give you a bunch of tips on various techniques, and again – that Cake of the Year – which if it’s anything like last year, it’s going to be awesome! Here, check out the 2014 Sweet-Up stream to see what I’m talking about:

Ok, so now that you know what the Sweet-Up is, and that I’ll be lucky enough to go, I kinda feel bad for doing a happy dance in front of your face while you just watch.


How about a giveaway?!


That’s right! A giveaway! Woo hoo!

Yes, this is my first giveaway, so let’s see if we can get through it together and all still be friends, k? K.

As it turns out, Wilton was gracious enough to think of you – my loyal readers, my fans, my peeps – and offer up some fantastic stuff for this little contest. So again, HUGE thanks to them for being crazy awesome!

What’s in this giveaway? Let’s see!


  • 1 (one) Free Wilton Method® Craftsy Class – I’ve been meaning to take some of these classes myself. I heard they were great and if you haven’t noticed, I’m in need of some basic decorating classes. If you want more info on these classes, you can check it all out right here.
  • 1 (one) Sweet-Up Swag Bag – Let me tell you.. You will NOT be disappointed! I was insanely lucky enough to have one of these swag bags show up on my doorstep last year even though I couldn’t make it to the Sweet-Up. You’d swear Wilton discovered the technology behind Mary Poppins’ magic purse because you’ll just keep pulling stuff out! You’ll get a few different pans, some decorating supplies, and even some brand spanking new Wilton products that aren’t even going to be unveiled until the Sweet-Up! So yeah, you’re welcome.


Alright, you know what you’re winning, now what do you have to do to enter? It’s simple!



You have to leave me a comment on this post – tell me which of the 2 prizes you’re looking forward to most – and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WiltonSweetUp! You know, to make your entry official. You’ll never know, someone may comment just to say hi.




You have to Like Wilton Cake Decorating on Facebook, and/or give @WiltonCakes a follow on Instagram.



The entry period is now, until 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 22nd.


And that’s it! Comment, Like, and/or follow. Boom, you’re entered! Easy peasy. And just like everywhere else on the internet, you’ll get bonus points if your comment is in the form of a Haiku :). Oh, and be sure to comment using the email address I can contact you at because that’s how I’ll let you know you won!

And I think that’s it. You’ll have one whole week to enter this glorious sweepstakes! I’ll update this post with the winner once they’re picked, contacted, and confirmed. I hope you guys enjoy my first giveaway! I’m sorry not everyone can make it to the Sweet-Up, but like I said, the stream will be up and running. If I don’t post the link to it here somewhere, I’ll definitely tweet it out at some point before the event so look out for that.

Until then, I have a town to run and a mortgage to pay off to Tom Nook. (More bonus points if you let me know in the comments that you know what I’m talking about)



  1. cphammer

    I’m excited for the new tips and tricks and products that you’ll be exposed to at the #wiltonsweetup in Chicago. It’s going to be an awesome convention, and great learning experience. The crafty class prize is cool, but I’d still prefer the swag bag. Have a great time networking and learning. I can’t wait to see a post about the sweet up itself!

  2. #WiltonSweetUp
    My first comment on a website and enter a giveaway EVER!!! But I seriously love looking through your website – it’s the best way to pass time and procrastinate! Although it’d be awesome to go to the crafty class, the Sweet-Up Swag bag would be great because: 1. it would be sooo useful and 2. I can’t get Wilton products (or anything similar!!) where I live 🙁
    Either way, love your little corner of the internet!

  3. Epi

    I’m excited to see you are finally going to the #WiltonSweetUp convention! I wish I could go but I don’t mind if I win the swag bag filled with all those exciting new products from wilton and the free class!

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