Humpday Update – 4/23/14


Radioactive [feat. Kendrick Lamar] [Explicit]

Another week, another Humpday.

  • I hope everyone had an awesome Easter!
  • As you may have noticed, I have gone a few weeks without a food post. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to put something together. Soon though, promisies!
  • The wife and I finally got caught up with Game of Thrones! After the big thing that happened got spoiled for her she didn’t want it to happen again. Speaking of which:
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, if you’re a fan and are also a fan of Frozen, more specifically, the song “Let it Go”, then you’re in for a treat! The folks over at Loot Crate put together the most amazing mashup video ever produced. Never would I have put these two worlds together, but they did! And they did it wonderfully! I kinda wish Elsa was in Game of Thrones now. She can totally fit in!

  • Speaking of them, if you know someone who is a gamer/geek and you’re looking for something to give them as a gift, then you should get familiar with Loot Crate. It is an awesome service that sends you a box of random goodies every month you’re a member. It’s like Christmas comes monthly, it’s amazing.
  • Also, speaking of Let it Go, this image made me crack up. Just as every other Thor/Loki cartoon does.


  • Also, also, I like segway’ing from one point to the other. If you haven’t noticed.
  • It’s dated 2003, but this is my gif of the week and it’s freaking mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop watching its awesomeness, it just got better and better.

Angry stick man

  • The wife got me this for Easter and I cannot wait to watch it because I still haven’t seen it! I’ve been waiting for The Desolation of Smaug to hit blu ray, but even still, I’m going to wait for the extended edition just like I did this one and hopefully they’ll have a steelbook too. It’s been really, really rough waiting to watch it because I was crazy huge into Lord of the Rings. So once I do watch it I’m sure you’ll know.


  • Ever watch Toy Hunter on Travel Channel? Do you ever curse out loud while watching because he’s always getting all excited when he finds toys that you owned as a child? Then you find out he’s excited because they’re worth a lot of money now and you instantly get vivid flashbacks of beating the crap out of that specific toy beyond recognition when you had it? Yeah… Every freaking time. I feel like buying my kids 2 of each toy just because of this show.


  • Lately, for some reason I’ve been rather exhausted at night time. Maybe all those late nights of gaming and blogging caught up. I am getting older… Anyway, the other day I tweeted that I missed winter because the allergies were killing me. I never had allergies before moving to NC, but now I just want to yank my eyes out… Like the other night. I was exhausted, as I mentioned, and all I wanted to do was sleep. But no, I couldn’t. I touched my eyes and next thing I knew I was knocking everything over on my nightstand trying to reach for my eye drops. Finally reached them, poured some in, and aaaaahhhhhh…. they were worse! Wtf?! I didn’t want to get up and risk waking up any sleeping wives or children, so I did what any sensible person would do. I took my water bottle and poured water into my suffering eyes right there in bed. Don’t mess with me because I do not play. It wound up helping and made the wet pillows worth it.
  • A few days after that tweet about missing winter, this happened. And yes, I was blamed for it. It’s like it’s never going to end:

  • We took a little road trip to Charlotte this passed weekend. We said it was to go to a Disney Store because we’re uncontrollable Disney fanatics, but that was just a cover up for the real reason: going to a Publix. Yeah, we drove 2 hours for a grocery store. The crazy part? It’s the second time we did it. The first time was actually going to be a blog post but it never got finished. Maybe one day..
  • Anyway, during the road trip I was wanting Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive on my phone (never heard it? click the play button up top). I’m a little picky when it comes to my music. All I ever listen to is stuff that came out years ago because I hardly ever like anything that comes out nowadays. So because I’ve shut myself out of new music I tend to miss awesome songs like this. My wife has it on her phone because she’s in the now and I’ve been meaning to transfer it but haven’t. So instead, she takes my phone, downloads it with another song that shall remain nameless because I didn’t want it on my phone to begin with so whatever she says don’t pay any attention to her, and plays it. It started to make me think how much of a future we’re living in. I mean, when I was young, if I liked a song, I had to wait for my parents to take me to The Wiz (nobody beats it..) so I could buy the $1-$3 cassette single. Now? Almost any song that you would ever possibly want is at your fingertips, ready to be downloaded and played within seconds at the push of a button. I’m always saying it – we may not live with flying cars, hover boards, or holographic telephones.. But we are certainly living in one amazing future where our kids will have thousands and thousands more cooler things than we ever had. And hopefully, it will only get better.
  • Finally, Seb is going to have to find a way to harness all his hyperness for good because we signed him up for tee ball! He’s been absolutely ecstatic to start and his first practice was yesterday evening. It started off a little rough because of Seb just wanting to do his own thing, but he did better the second half. On top of that, my wife went ahead and volunteered me as an assistant coach! I was fairly hesitant at first with just the thought of it, but after a little bit I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy a glove, which I was pretty embarrassed not to have since all the other coaches had theirs. I guess I didn’t get the memo.

14 - 1 (2)

Nonetheless, it was a great and busy week that ended splendidly and I’m sure Seb cannot wait to practice again. There’s a lot of stuff he needs to work on and hopefully by next practice he’ll be more versed in baseball etiquette. Speaking of which, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t thinking about my younger days when I was growing up. My friends and I were huge baseball players and we loved every second of it. I never did tee ball or little league so Seb is lucky in that department. It should be a fun time.

I’m going to be posting something food related soon so hang tight! This weekend is a holiday so it might be yet another obstacle in trying to get something out there. But I’ll try. Till then, adios.

Click here if you want to buy Radioactive by Imagine Dragons


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