Disney Movie Theories Pt. I

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I just watched Frozen for the first time the other day. My wife and my oldest had already seen it and ever since then I’ve had this underlining jealously towards them for it, especially after it won all those academy awards.

But I’m not going to really talk about how awesome it was, or how great the songs were, or how much I’ve been wanting to watch it again. There are plenty of other places you can hear all that. I’m going to talk about something else that I just can’t wrap my head around because of the insane possibility of its truth.

Dare I call it, a conspiracy theory?

No, not a government conspiracy theory, those are boring and scary, my nerves can’t take reading about those. I’m talking about a Disney theory.

A Disney Movie Theory. There, that’s better. Conspiracy is such an ugly word.

First off, to clear it up, I am a huge Disney fan. I grew up on all the classics and can create quite the awkward situation by singing most of the songs while being the grown, hunk of man that I am. Secondly, there are an insane amount of different theories out there regarding Disney ranging from innocent to NSFW. I’ll be focusing more on the calmer variety, because there’s stuff out there that can get a little raunchy and even some stuff that downright creeps me out.

Now, we all watch the movies and love them. I don’t doubt there are plenty other houses like mine that love everything Disney does. But I don’t think everyone out there really thinks about them passed their face and sentimental values. I mean, really thinks about them.

If you’ve never taken the time to read about various theories that have to do with Disney movies then try not to dive into it now because it is a deep, dark, cavernous rabbit hole that you may never come out of. Plus you’ll ruin all the shock value I hope to lure you in with for future posts.

Many theories have been around for years and have been thought out in such detail you’ll just have to believe them. I’d understand if you didn’t care for them though. I mean, you’re probably a fan of Disney movies and don’t like the idea you have of them being messed with. Or maybe you’re the type to only accept things for how they seem and don’t like reading between the lines or peaking behind the curtains.

Well I am. At least, with this kind of stuff.

Tell me the government is out to get us and they have some crazy plan and odds are extremely good that I won’t listen because I don’t like filling my head with that such real world stuff.

But tell me a Disney movie that just came out is secretly tied to a Disney movie that came out 25 years ago… Yeah, I’ll freaking geek out on you big time.

It’s all fun. I love thinking outside the box with things like this and it gives everything I already enjoyed a whole new dimension. And to tell you the truth, I honestly believe the artists at Disney do these things on purpose. They’re story tellers, when it comes down to it. And what would be better than taking all your favorite stories and connecting them somehow? Nope, nothing would be better. I feel like there is way too much cool history in Disney movies to just leave them alone. If there’s a cameo or reference to something in a movie, then it’s there for a reason.

I’m going to eventually get into all the theories I’ve run into over the years and maybe even give you some of my own, but for now let’s talk about the one that is most popular today and is turning everyone into a theorist.

The Frozen/Tangled/Little Mermaid Theory

I want to say this theory originated with Beautiful Syn on Facebook. That seems to be the most credited source.

The theory is fed by the fact that Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled are guests for Princess Elsa’s coronation. The proof is a brief cameo that can be easily missed:


If you’re not convinced, here is Rapunzel and Flynn on their wedding day:


It’s obviously them at Elsa’s coronation. Rapunzel and her short, brown hair as we last knew her in Tangled, along with the side profile of the ever smoldering Flynn. Another giveaway is the height.

Here is where you either accept their presence and think “cool, a cameo!” Or, you’re like me and you’re wondering “what in the heck are they doing there?!”

The craziness is not that the universe in which Frozen and Tangled exist are one in the same. The actual craziness is how they became connected.

Here’s the theory:

Rapunzel and Flynn are guests at Elsa’s coronation not only because they’re royal blood from a nearby kingdom, but because of the guilt they’re filled with.

How so? Think about it.. Why are they there for a Queen’s coronation representing their royal family instead of the actual King and Queen of their kingdom?

That’s why it’s thought to be guilt. See, Elsa is becoming Queen because she became of age. Both her parents were tragically killed when their ship sunk during a trip at sea… 3 years ago.

To make the connection obvious, I don’t think the time span between their death and the inclusion of Rapunzel and Flynn are coincidence. Because it was 3 years ago (human years) the events of Tangled took place. 3 years ago Rapunzel reunited with her parents and married Flynn. And as you may know, a royal marriage is a huge deal to a kingdom and the kingdoms surrounding it. It was a celebration I’m sure would have made royal families come from near and far to attend… 3 years ago.

So there lies the theory.

The mother and father of Elsa and Anna, King and Queen of Arendelle, died at sea on the way to Rapunzel’s wedding.

frozen shipwreck

But how? Surely these two different movies that were once thought to take place in their respectful universes can’t be that close to each other geographically for this to work. But that’s actually where it starts getting crazy…

The movie Frozen was yet another Disney animated film inspired by Hans Christian Anderson, The fairy tale where the inspiration came from this time was The Snow Queen. The kingdom Elsa is becoming Queen of is Arendelle, which is based on the Norwegian town of Arendal, located southwest of Oslo, the Norwegian capital. That easily explains so many cultural similarities in the movie from that region in the world if you haven’t made that connection before.

The origin of Tangled came more than 100 years prior, in the form of a German fairy tale by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force named Persinette. It later became Rapunzel when it was adapted by the Bothers Grimm a century later. In Tangled, Corona is the name of the kingdom Rapunzel is born in. Based on architecture, landscape, and other hints of culture and geography – coupled with the original story being a German fairy tale – it’s easy to base the movie in Germany.

Now if you look at the map, you’ll see the route from Arendelle (Norway) to Corona (Germany) is very doable and was probably traveled numerous times.


Now if you haven’t heard about this yet or aren’t used to hearing about such theories in Disney movies, I know all this information is probably too much to swallow. But I hope you’re ready because this one isn’t done yet.

Remember I said this ties into a 25 year old movie? Well if you look at the above map again, you’ll notice any route that Elsa’s parents might have taken on that tragic trip would have crossed the seas surrounding Denmark.


Home country to a Hans Christian Anderson, writer of The Snow Queen which, if you recall from a few paragraphs ago, is the fairy tale Frozen comes from. He is also the writer of another fairy tale you may know and love. One that has Denmark as its setting.. That fairy tale is The Little Mermaid!

Excited?! Goosebumps?? Wait, did you connect the dots yet? Here, let me help..

In The Little Mermaid, there is a shipwreck Ariel explores. That is the ship that supposedly once belonged to Elsa’s parents!


The geography alone makes you just want to believe, doesn’t it?! On top of all that, remember, Hans penned both The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen – a fact that goes much deeper than any theory. It could be totally possible that Disney animators made such a connection as a nod to Hans and his stories that were inspirations to them. With Disney seemingly going back to making memorable animated films with amazing award winning music in tow, I can totally see them connecting back to the classics as a homage. I mean, if I had the opportunity, I would do it in a heart beat. And Disney is known for their love of hiding things, not only in film but in the parks as well.

I know at this point you’re probably just waiting for me to finish so you can tell me how crazy I am for adding fuel to this silly fire. But I can’t help it! It’s hard to contain myself with stuff like this. No, there’s no substantial proof connecting the two ships. I mean, they both have 2 masts which helps, but it’s hard to make out the fancy aft that seems to be lavish enough for royalty. The only real beef of the theory comes from the area where all this takes place. And for me, that’s more than enough to see this as mind blowingly true!


That about wraps up part I of my little series on Disney movie theories. I know this one has made its rounds up and down the internet over the last few weeks. I think its become the most mainstream of the theories out there. Some sites are even linking up older theories if you’re paying attention. I just wanted to use this one to first of all, get Frozen off my chest in some written form because it was freaking good. And second, I wanted to start this series on the blog and figured why not start with the hottest one now.

Which one will I talk about next? Will there be as much substantial evidence to back it up? Will anyone even read these posts?!?

Tune in next time!


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